​​On behalf of the AIMHigh family, I am pleased to introduce you to the AIMHigh Empowerment Institute (AIMHighEI).
The genesis of AIMHighEI came as a response to a call for Epic Impact. In 2012, that call came from a society that increasingly highlighted the problems with our young men but ignored the promise and potential of our young men. AIMHighEI offers that recognition of promise and potential.
Today, the call comes from an education system that focuses on zero tolerance policies as a means of correction, but lacks a corresponding emphasis on authentic connection; it is a system that has access to awesome talent and technologies, but segregates those who have access based on geographic coordinates. These factors, among many, have left many young men uninspired and dispirited, feeling distant from life’s calling or purpose, uncertain about the value of education or the very worth of pursing academic, personal, professional and social endeavors. The answer to this call for epic impact is urgent and imminent.
AIMHighEI is ready and capable of answering this call; we stand ready to ignite a renewed spirit of Ambition, Inspiration and Motivation (AIM) in our young men. As an organization, AIMHighEI is committed to keeping our young men academically focused and life skills driven. But reflecting our purpose-minded heritage, we also seek help young men develop persistence and intelligence in pursuit of their aspirations.
The AIMHigh Empowerment Institute endeavors to engage, educate and empower a new generation of leaders— young men who will be capable of shaping the future with competence, confidence and character—with a sense of calling and with compassion for all humanity. I invite you to join us, as a prospective member, empowerment coach, parent, or donor.

​ -Sherman Browne
Founder / Chief Empowerment Officer

Media reports, articles and published scholarly works about young men of color predominantly focus on problems of inadequacy, instability, underperformance, and violence.(S. R. Harper 2015) This lopsided narrative reinforces negative stereotypes talking about the crisis of our young men while neglecting to highlight the promise within our young men.

​Students of color who are exposed to positive messages about themselves, their schools, and their communities often develop healthier identities and higher educational aspirations (Spencer, Noll, Stolzfus, & Harpalani, 2001). Making anti-deficit presentations of urban schools and communities of color more widely available and accessible to youth of color could bolster their success.

Connecting with our members is not just what we do, but it defines who we are. We understand that the key to connection is conversation and the key to conversation is to share stories and ask questions.
“At AIMHigh, excellence is not applauded, it’s expected. We leave no room to negotiate or compromise greatness, you can’t achieve excellence with excuses that’s why we make excellence a mandate”  

Many programs claim to have the secrets to success, at AIMHigh, we don’t believe in secrets, we have faith in systems and our systems have been proven. Combining theoretical research with practical strategies keeps us with a cutting-edge approach to student empowerment.

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